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Our Dreams

Every one of us has numerous fantasies and in reality they are an indication that we are alive, we exist and we are going ahead regardless of the circumstance we live in. My fantasies, similar to each youngster, are incalculable. At the point when we had midterm break my sweetheart satisfied this long dream as a present for Valentine's Day. We visited Venice and Bergamo. Our' essences are still there with the excellence that encompasses us. There everything resembles in the motion pictures I've seen with the distinction that when you get up, you glance around and acknowledge you're a piece of the Italian breeze, your heart starts to thumps as it needs to bounce so as to appreciate excellence and inebriation with you. I'm still truly energized in any event, when I recall my experience. I can tell every goal independently for quite a long time. The one I decided to let you know is our last goal †Venice. The enchantment that disguises this supernatural spot makes each guest long to return over and over there. The little, thin boulevards have protected the appeal of the past occasions, bringing warmth, love and sentiment to sightseers. I recall when we showed up at the pontoon at sunset. We went directly in San Marco Square. The greatness of the basilica, pigeons and music of the ensemble symphonies of each café made everything in us moving. We proceeded with our visit around the island with a visit to all the sights, and for me The most lovely spot was the Bridge of Sighs. There I got my first Italian rose, which I keep right up 'til today. The view incites us a warm murmur and a longing to stop the time and to remain there until the end of time. At night we were in a little café at the Grande Canale, drinking red wine and getting a charge out of the nightfall. Love, Italy and Venice truly go connected at the hip. This nation makes an exceptional blessing to each guest by giving recollections of endless excellence, inebriation, sentiment and love. When you have visited Italy, there is a glow in your heart that continues trembling and leaves the inclination that you have overlooked something and you need to return and search for it.

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Writing an Essay For English

Writing an Essay For EnglishThe essay is a piece of written work that is designed to put the student's ideas into perspective. It is a very important part of the learning process for all students and there are many different reasons why this particular class is required to be written in the first place. These reasons should not be taken lightly and they are there for a reason.An English essay is a very unique learning experience. This means that the student is given the opportunity to use their own ideas and find a way to express them in a way that will help the entire class understand their thoughts. This is done in many different ways and to many different audiences. This is the greatest part of the learning process because it allows the student to expand their knowledge about life.There are many different aspects to the writing process that the student has to be aware of. They need to know how to write a college essay, they need to know how to format the essay and they need to kno w how to get the correct amount of attention. The student needs to know what the guidelines are. They need to be able to sit down with an English teacher and explain exactly what they want and have it ready to go. This is the next step.After this process is over, the student is going to need to contact the proper academic assistance. This person needs to make sure that everything is just right for them. They need to make sure that there are no mistakes or grammatical errors and the student needs to make sure that they understand what they are getting themselves into.Writing a paper for English is something that is easy to learn and a lot of students like the fact that it does not take long to do. They also like the fact that it is a challenge and they enjoy having it on their records that show their work ethic. However, just like all things, it is not going to work well for everyone. There are going to be some people who are going to struggle with it and some people who will love it .Writing a college essay is a great way to show everyone that you can learn and can take the time to do something that no one else wants to do. It shows the academic people that you can follow directions and can do what it takes to succeed. The whole purpose is to make it so that everyone feels good about them.The real world is filled with a lot of competition and it is not easy to make it. It takes real effort and it takes discipline. When writing a paper for English, a student is able to gain knowledge and it is one of the most important aspects of the learning process. It also helps the student to be prepared for what the future holds.For the student who is afraid of what the essay is going to be like, there is help. That is, there are professionals who can help the student to be successful with the process. It is up to the student to find the right professional. They need to make sure that they are not wasting their time or money by doing so.

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Witchcraft In Hollywood Essays (1886 words) - Religion, Culture

Black magic In Hollywood Hollywood gives misrepresented data It is said by numerous that Hollywood is powerful. Individuals see something on TV or in a movie and accept that what is indicated is, in actuality, valid. Misguided judgments will happen, and except if individuals are indicated proof against the daydreams, it will be taken as actuality. Previously, numerous gatherings have been inadequately spoken to onscreen. Associations, for example, the Mafia, the legislature, the military, spies, divine beings, beasts, and others are only a little case of those biased. Since the misguided judgments have happened, a great part of reality has come through for those referenced. In any case, one point that is over and over distorted in Hollywood is the act of the Craft, all the more normally known as black magic or Wicca as indicated by Jeffrey Mann (individual correspondence, April 14, 1999). Black magic has been demonstrated onscreen as underhanded, dark magick, instead of a confidence, and the vast majority see spells cast by squirming the nose or directing a finger toward be legitimate of the ?black magic tale' (1997, Bewitched on the web). Is black magic a valid, profound religion, and provided that this is true, are individuals ready to endure it? Many are clueless of the strict part of the Craft, and those that are, trust it to be bogus or wrong as indicated by Jeffrey Mann (individual correspondence, April 14, 1999). In the present society, strict resilience of various gatherings of individuals or societies is critical. By understanding and tolerating the distinctions of genuine versus fanciful utilizing black magic as the prime model, individuals will have the option to consider these to be as a component of real society and not only an invented, magickal depiction in diversion, for example, Bewitched, Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and The Craft. Hollywood's depiction of black magic in motion pictures and shows is invalid. Presently on reruns, the network show, Bewitched, was once exceptionally famous. Samantha and Tabitha are indicated throwing spells about each other moment of the half-hour (1997, Bewitched on the web). The show delivered a restoration of the information on black magic. Ever, before Christianity, Paganism was an essential religion in Europe. Black magic is a type of Paganism, similarly as Wicca, Shamanism, and others are. At the point when the Christian religion was being shaped, numerous Pagan convictions were as yet utilized (1998, A witches outline of Wicca on the web). The Pagan custom of Yule, the winter solstice occasion, was to carry a live tree into the house and beautify it with nourishment, balls, and a star on top to shield the family unit from the malevolent spirits (Adler, 1997). In the previous century, a man named Gerald Gardener approached with his predecessor's strict practice that has been passed down a great many ages called Paganism. He started delivering the Wicc an development to current witches as per Jeffrey Mann (individual correspondence, April 14, 1999). Beguiled was made amidst the kind of ?coming out' of every one of that was drilled. Romanticizing black magic began with Bewitched, and from that point on, another fixation of shows and motion pictures had started. The Warner Brothers Network as of late publicized another hour-long show including three sisters who have quite recently found their witchy powers (see appended realistic one of Charmed sisters). They are alluded to as the ?Charmed Ones', which are the most impressive of a long queue of good witches. Their central goal is to ensure the guiltless against all insidious (1999, Charmed on the web). The show highlights numerous unmistakable real factors of black magic. The demonstrate alludes to the Book of Shadows, which is a book of diaries, spells, considerations, and objectives, which must be transcribed and individual to that witch (1998, A witches review of Wicca). The three sisters utilize this book for throwing spells against abhorrent, which is the reason for amusement on the show. Freezing time, traveling to the past or future, and dissipating beasts are only a portion of the sisters' abnormal forces (1999, Charmed on the web). Religion has no part in the hour that the sisters a re battling the obscurity. Black magic, in all actuality, has no ?characteristic' witches as suggested in Charmed. Having ?power' is a conviction that originates from inside your spirit, not from hereditary qualities (Valiente, 1998). The intensity of spells to witches resembles the intensity of supplications to Christians. Whenever Charmed depended on three Christian sisters, the show would be principally about how they supplicate

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Essay about Impact of Terrorism on our Civil Liberties

Since the attacks on 9/11 the terrorism threat has still not subsided. Threats come and go and many people are on high alert, either by judging race, activities, or for protection. The attacks of 9/11 have caused national panic in ways to counter terror threats. Many hurdles have been crossed such as the death of Osama Bin laden and the capture of many potential terrorists. Due to the many forms of terrorism, the plethora of new technology, and the increase in the network infrastructure, some control was put on the internet and the phones of many people, wiretapping by the United States has caused much criticism toward the nation. Wiretapping and the filtering and monitoring the internet help the FBI and the government keep suspects in†¦show more content†¦The NSA’s mission according to their website is: â€Å"The National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) leads the U.S. Government in cryptology ..... in order to gain a decision advantage for the Nation and our allies under all circumstances.† ( The NSA works to collect data that can in turn be used for the security of the United States of America. Data from large to small corporations are handled by the NSA to find discrepancies and find any leads that could help them locate terrorism. The NSA collect information by working with the targeted company or by using software and codes to extract the information from the computer infrastructure of the company. This creates a backdoor for the NSA which they can use to their advantage in the future for more information. Many countries such as China have attacked the United States through the internet. These cyber-attacks are a way of showing the fragility and vulnerability of attacks from other countries that could prove to be fatal in the long run. The NSA works in conjunction with other agencies to provide protection. In the case of the NSA, they work to keep the internet from prying eyes of other countries and to prevent the leak of vital information to terrorists. Many terroris ts have found ways to work around the internet securities and if breached the information would be used against theShow MoreRelatedThe Patriot Act Impact On America1428 Words   |  6 Pageschanged the mind set of many Americans. Terrorism on the rise around the world made government officials to take proper precautions and changes in protocol. Our nation attempted to prepare for the worse scenarios. Events of 9/11 shocked most citizens and government officials. In response President Bush signed the Patriot Act, however since provisions expired later President Obama had to reactivate the Patriot Act. Most citizens were unaware of reaction from our government. The Patriot Act impactedRead More The Effectiveness of Terrorism Essay613 Words   |  3 PagesThe Effectiveness of Terrorism The dictionary defines terrorism as â€Å"The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.† Is terrorism an effective political medium for the advancement of a political minority or rather an act of defiance rendering a society into a state of ephemeral hysteria? It remains toRead MorePersonnel Management Matrix1315 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Running Header: Intelligence-Led Policing and Civil Liberties Intelligence Led Policing and Civil Liberties Dorothy Savage PSF5308 Law Enforce Intel-Led Police Instructor: Dr. Arthur Hayden December 13, 2013 According to Peterson (2005) Intelligence-led policing is a collaborative enterprise based on improved intelligence operations and community-oriented policing and problem solving, which the field has considered beneficial for many years. To implementRead MoreThe war on terror Essay1291 Words   |  6 PagesOver ten plus years human rights and civil liberties have been violated as thousands of innocent of civilians have been killed by drone attacks or even by the U.S. military themselves. Middle Easterners and Muslims have unrightfully been given negative connotations, and even as the conflicts die down they are still facing hate and racism in our country and overseas. And not only has the war and conflicts inflicted damage on other countries, it is hurting ours as well. Hundreds of millions of theRead MoreCivil Liberties in the Aftermath of 9/111173 Words   |  5 PagesSeptember 11, 2001 was a milestone in the history of the United States, which experienced a collective shock and trauma that has never been forgotten. Not since the McCarthy era in the 1950s have there been such restrictions on civil liberties, including the protections of free speech and against unreasonable search and seizure in the First and Fourth Amendments. The entire airline and tourist industry was driven to the edge of bankruptcy and would not have survived at all without a major bailoutRead MoreReweneable Essay1236 Words   |  5 PagesHabeas Corpus Monica Cruz Ashford University POL 201 Jamie Way May 5, 2013 Our country has certain laws that protect both civilians and prisoners. This law was given a name as Habeas Corpus Act. Habeas Corpus comes from the word Latin which means â€Å"May you have the body† stated in the ( This law Habeas Corpus states that an accused must be brought before a judge and there must be sufficient evidence and reason of why the accused is being sent to jail.Read MoreImpact of the Usa Patriot Act on Local Law Enforcement1282 Words   |  6 PagesImpact of the USA Patriot Act on Local Law Enforcement Teddilane Turner PSF8200 Advanced Research in Public Safety Issues, Theory, and Concepts This paper presents the topic selected for the final Public Safety Case Analysis Project, an overview of the USA Patriot Act, its impact on local law enforcement, and the potential for net widening. Congress reacted to the violation to our country on September 11, 2001 by passing the USA Patriot Act into law on October 26, 2001. (USA PatriotRead MoreThe US Patriot Act1038 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Americans have always held the rights and liberties close to their hearts. Ever since we became an independent nation. After the tragic events that happened on September 11th, 2001, Citizens of America began to ponder if some of their rights and liberties should be sacrificed to prevent such an attack in the future. National unity took over the country and Americans bonded and held each other up. They stood up in the face of terrorism and the Presidents approval rating soared through theRead MoreNSA and Edward Snowden Essay examples1326 Words   |  6 Pages Privacy has endured throughout human history as the pillar upon which our authentic nature rests. Yet, in an age darkened by the looming shadow of terrorism, another force threatens to dominate the skyline and obscure the light of liberty behind promises of safety and security: government surveillance. As an employee of the NSA, Edward Snowden broke his vow of secrecy to inform the public of our government’s furtive su rveillance acts, but does this render him traitorous? To answer this, we mustRead MoreEssay about Securing Our Country: The Department of Homeland Security1532 Words   |  7 Pages1.) The major laws and regulations that direct the operations of the Department of Homeland Security are as follows; the Homeland Security Act of 2002, Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, and the Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007. The Homeland Security Act of 2002 was introduced after the September 11, 2001 attacks and mailing of anthrax. It was signed into law by then President George W. Bush in November 2002. It created both the United States

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Transformation Essay - 1810 Words

America is ever changing. Over the centuries it has transformed in many ways. There has been an increase in immigrants, especially Hispanics, which has caused a transformation of both language and culture. Richard Rodriguez in his book Brown: The Last Discovery of America, and in other essays has brought his views on these matters and presents brown as a new way of describing America. Brown as color; as impurity; as language; as America. Richard Rodriguez is a writer who is artistic, and has an idealistic way of recounting things. In his essay â€Å"Late Victorians† he writes how a woman jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. He describes it as â€Å"†¦before she stepped onto the sky. To land like a spilled purse at my feet,†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦show more content†¦Rodriguez adds many metaphors comparing brown to â€Å"tarnished past†¦as refreshing as green†¦as old Roman gardens or pennies in a fountain†¦gurgled root beer, tobacco, monkey fur, catarrh,† (â€Å"The Brown Study†, 35). As Rodriguez says brown is impure, he keeps bringing up impurity and says how â€Å"impurit [ies] are fresh and wonderful to me,† and he â€Å"extol[s] impurity† (202, xi). He states how â€Å"impurities are motives, weights, considerations, [and] temptations,† (â€Å"Peter’s Avocado†, 202). Given that he has a keenness for impurities and complexities, yo u can infer he of course loves brown, which is to him both impure and multifaceted. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Rodriguez focuses on brown as a mixture of races, and it’s role in America. He says in the preface how he is a â€Å"brown man† and how he has â€Å"brown thoughts,† (xi). He continues to say how brown isn’t a â€Å"singular color, not a strict recipe,† but a mixture of colors (xi). By colors he means races and nationalities. So in other words a brown person comes from a mixture of nationalities, and cultures. So when he says â€Å"America is browning† he saying it’s a mixing together of all the people that live here (xii). â€Å"The future is brown, is my thesis† (â€Å"In the Brown Study†, 35). This fusion of cultures is creating a new America. To Rodriguez, brown is the end to the constant wandering of individuals and to a drawing together of all in America. He â€Å"celebrate[s]† at the browning of America (xiii).Show MoreRelatedA Study On Bacterial Transformation2060 Words   |  9 P agesBacterial Transformation Fiona Obas 5155246 U42 Abstract DNA encodes the genetic instructions for cells to carry out their daily activities. DNA can come in many forms; plasmids for example are small circular DNA molecules found in most bacterial cells. Though plasmids may not be essential for the life of bacteria, it can give cells resistance in foreign environments. For the purpose of this experiment, an ampicillin-resistant plasmid is introduced to E. coli. ThisRead MoreBacterial Transformation ( Escherichia Coli )1050 Words   |  5 Pages Bacterial Transformation (Escherichia coli) Kadian Jones Dr. F. Redway BIO 104- Lab 3 November 11, 2014 Introduction According to (2012), genetic transformation is a process by which the genetic material carried by an individual cell is altered by the incorporation of foreign/exogenous DNA into its genome. Competent cells are able to accept DNA presented by experimental influence or manipulation, and the application of genetic engineering with bacteria can aid inRead MoreWhy transformation efforts fail6094 Words   |  25 PagesChange Why Transformation Efforts Fail by John P Kotter . †¢ Included with this full-text Harvard Business Review article: 1 Article Summary The Idea in Brief—the core idea The Idea in Practice—putting the idea to work 2 Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail 10 Further Reading A list of related materials, with annotations to guide further exploration of the article’s ideas and applications Reprint R0701J BEST OF HBR Leading Change Why Transformation Efforts Fail Read MoreThe Transformation Of Bacteria ( Green Fluorescent Protein )1341 Words   |  6 PagesTransformation in bacteria is something that could be essential for survival in a bacteria. In order to perform this transformation naturally a bacterium must considered competent, otherwise it must undergo an artificial transformation. Being a competent cell means that the bacteria can take up DNA from its environment naturally (5). Those that are not competent such as Escherichia coli that are not naturally competent can be tested with an artificial transformation, such as what we will use inRead MoreBacterial Transformation Is The Process Of Transferring Bacteria1172 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Æ' Introduction: Bacterial transformation is the process of transferring bacteria. This begins with genetic transformation where genes transfer from an organism to another with the help of plasmid. Plasmid contains one or more piece of DNA within bacteria. This technique is used commonly in technology specifically designed for biology usage to enhance the culture around with positive results. It is also used to solve common world problems, such as human insulin and drought resistant crops. In thisRead MoreEssential Transformation Process And Facility Layout1370 Words   |  6 PagesSelecting the most appropriate transformation process and facility layout is one of the keys towards achieving success in the company’s performance. In general, there are many forms of the transformation processes, and each has a particular facility layout. There are also hybrid combinations of them so the organization can choose the one that best fits its needs and potential. The basic forms of transformation systems are job shop, continuous process, cellular production, flow shop, and projectRead MoreDirect Methods for Transformation of Plants or Plant Cells784 Words   |  3 PagesMethods for transformation of plants or plant cells are divided into two which are direct methods and indirect method. There are three types of method that categorized under direct method which are microprojectile bombardment, electroporation and silicon carbide whisker. Firstly, microprojectile bombardment where employs high velocity metal particles to deliver biologically active DNA into plant cells (Christou, 1992). This method involved the gene gun made by Bio-Listics (Russell, 2010). The tungstenRead MoreEscherichia Coli Transformation For Ampicillin Resistance And Gfp Expression Using Pglo Plasmid And Calcium Chloride Transformation Solution1768 Words   |  8 PagesMichael Fedorovsky 4/6/16 BI108 Lab D8 Escherichia coli transformation for ampicillin resistance and GFP expression using pGLO plasmid and calcium chloride transformation solution Abstract Within the growing field of biotechnology, genetic engineering is becoming more important than ever. To illustrate an application of genetic transformation, pGLO plasmid containing the reporter gene GFP, an arabinose operon, and a gene coding for ampicillin resistance was used to genetically transform EscherichiaRead MoreWhy is it important for an organization to undergo this type of transformation?886 Words   |  4 PagesWhy is it important for an organization to undergo this type of transformation? It is essencial for an organization to modernize and change in to the way it does business when business needs change and when the political and social aspects change. Transformation in an organization covers a vast variety of needs and activity, this is generally aimed at improving performana ce and productivity for an organization to survie. This can be achieved in many ways, from growth , innovation, skills developmentRead MoreDifferent Methods, Bacteria, And Development Transduction, Transduction And Transformation Transduction934 Words   |  4 Pagestransduction and transformation Transduction is when a bacteriophage inserts it s DNA into the host bacteria cell, while conjugation is when the bacteria shares DNA through direct contact, eg. horizontal gene transfer. The third method, transformation, is the intake of external DNA into the cell (Chen and Dubnau, 2004). In order for bacteria to be able to take in extraneous DNA, they must first be in a state of competent (Hanahan, 1983). There are two types of transformation cells in transformation: natural

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Reality Tv - the Real Issues Essay - 1246 Words

In today’s society, media plays a major role in many decisions people make. Whether it’s seeing the way your favorite movie star dresses, or listening to the newest bands, media makes a difference in everyone’s life. Recently reality television has become a bigger, more popular pastime that many American people enjoy. With so many different reality shows coming out one of the biggest problems that America faces is what kind of message these shows are projecting to their viewers. Almost every reality show that’s out there right now is in some way almost degrading to regular human beings. Shows that get some of the most viewers include the ones with the worst values. Getting plastic surgery to improve your looks, or becoming famous by†¦show more content†¦Prose states, â€Å"If the interests of the corporate culture that controls our television stations are at heart the same as those that fund and support lobbyists and politicians, it stands to re ason that – when network executives do meet to determine what is appropriate, entertaining, profitable, what people want and need to see – they are unlikely to flinch at portraying stylized versions of the same behavior we read about in the press, or can observe on the Senate floor† (227). With this being said it’s obvious that there is a clear connection between politics and reality television and proves that this country may not have the best ethics being presented through media or even the government itself. So after watching a few different types of reality TV shows that are currently being aired, I’ve come to the belief that reality television is obviously demoralizing to the human race. In only very few cases reality TV helps individuals, but mostly just makes fools out of them. In â€Å"VH1’s New York Goes To Hollywood,† a young woman trying to make it big and become an actress gets the chance to be followed around by cameras in Hollywood and does irrational things to try and become famous. The show follows all her drama fromShow MoreRelatedReality T.V. Essay534 Words   |  3 Pagesdiscussion of the real ethics of reality TV and how the current gender, media and popular culture depict a fusion between reality and reality on TV. The writing is based upon the Real Appeal: The Ethics of Reality TV, Catehrine Lumby and Elspeth Probyn. The idea that anyone can become famous is not fairly evident upon most TV viewers; however it is clear that TV makes the viewer beli eve that what they are viewing is true and it is for this reason that it becomes reality TV. TV exposes the publicRead MoreAn Analysis of the Reality TV Show The Biggest Loser1721 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Reality TV Analysis: The Biggest Loser Introduction Traditional television (TV) programming has always been categorized into two categories, that of melodrama and satire. However, in recent years, reality TV has emerged as a new category that revolutionized not only TV programming, but also the way people experience narratives/stories delivered through the TV (as the mass medium). In reality TV, the audience experiences life as it is lived by the actors or participants in the reality show. WhileRead MoreHaving Regulations On Reality T.V.1083 Words   |  5 Pagesto whether there should be regulations on reality tv shows or not It would be a positive gesture to hold regulations on reality tv. Although having regulations on reality tv limits violence, decreases bad ratings, and makes the show more family oriented, it can make the show less intriguing because it wouldn’t be as melodramatic, it wouldn’t be real if it had rules, and it limits the freedom of the people on the show. According to Shannon Kelly, reality television has the worst reputation of anyRead MoreThe Race On Reality Tv866 Words   |  4 PagesRace on Reality TV A unique feature of reality TV makes the show as a site where we can find how the tolerance is conducted in real life, in terms of race, gender, and foreignness. As an â€Å"unabashedly commercial genre united less by aesthetic rules or certainties than by the fusion of popular entertainment with a self-conscious claim to the discourse of the real’’ (Murray Ouellette, 2004, p. 2), reality TV enjoys its privilege of dealing with the controversial issue such as racism with ease, throughRead MoreThe Reality Of Reality Television1499 Words   |  6 PagesAgainst Reality TV For close to a decade, the ethics behind the existence of reality TV have been questioned. While there are ardent viewers of reality TV, researchers and other scholars disapprove them, and claim that the world would have been in a better place. Reality TV shows, especially in America, are extremely profitable to media owners, and this has increased their popularity in the recent years. The main target audience for these shows are teenagers and women, who spend a lot of time discussingRead MoreHunger Games meets Reality971 Words   |  4 Pagesthe chance to depict present day issues in a different light. They usually choose to exaggerate them so readers can see how their society might look in the future, especially if they ignore issues that can grow and become problems. In the case of The Hunger Games (HG), the author, Suzanne Collins, explores issues like the huge inequality of wealth and how the power of television can influence our lives. She does this by portraying the HG as an extreme reality game show where teenagers fight toRead MoreReality Tv Affects Young Women930 Words   |  4 PagesThe Real Housewives series along with discouraging education and encouraging marrying rich also instills a sense of materialism into you girls. By watching these women in their mid-late forties and beyond live outlandish, material bases lifestyles, it motivates young girls to strive for this lifestyle. The show also glorifies the divorce process. With the majority of the women on the show being divorced, it makes young women think that even then they can still be â€Å"successful† without having to workRead MoreThe Reality Of Reality Tv Essay1601 Words   |  7 Pagesreasons. Reality TV is a common source of entertainment on various channels and media outlets. The purpose of reality TV is to â€Å"promise more drama, suspense, and laughter while pushing the envelope of what is morally and socially acceptable, funny, and, of course entertaining† (Gloune r et al.). This type of media allows real people to connect to those on TV. Reality is not completely real, there are aspects of it that are scripted, rehearsed and completely altered (Crouch). Reality TV has existedRead MoreThe Reality of Reality Television1699 Words   |  7 PagesThe Reality of Reality Television Jacqueline Knudsen ENG122: English Composition II Jenna Fussell February 2, 2013 The Reality of Reality Television Have you ever set there watching your favorite reality television show and wondered what effects it could have on you, your family or your friends? Truth is most people do not think about the effects television shows can have before watching them or allowing their children to watch them. ThisRead MoreReality Television Has A Harm Than Good959 Words   |  4 PagesReality television has grown to be one of the most popular genres in TV history. Ten years ago, you would find maybe one or two reality shows on air. These days, there are numerous kinds of reality television shows on just about every channel. They range from dating shows, game shows, and shows about â€Å"real life.† Some examples are The Bachelor, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, Teen Mom, etc. Most of these shows don’t promote any harm; however, they’re starting to take a

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Business Activities And Operations Of The Watties †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Business Activities And Operations Of The Watties. Answer: Introduction The report talks about the business activities and operations of the Watties which has been taken in the report. It explains the operation management of the company. It explains the mission and vision of the company. Along with this, it describes the production issues and services issues within the organization. It tells that how the company is overcoming on these issues. Further, the report explains the significance of the operation management. It describes the models of the operation management within the organization. Watties is an American owned food producer and manufacturer of frozen and packaged fruit, sauces, baby food, vegetables, cooking sauces, pet foods and dressings company in the New Zealand market. The company was founded in 1934 with its headquarterd is located in Hastings, New Zealand. Sir James Wattie is the co-founder of the company. There are approx 1900 employees are employed in the organization. There are around 1200 product lines produced by the company in New Zealand. The organization produces its products under various brands such as good taste company, oak, Eta, farex, Greenseas, and chef and champ. In todays era, the Wattles is exploring and expanding its business activities and operations globally. In this way, the company is increasing its profit and revenue around the world De (De Smidt Wever, 2012). Operation management and production management play an integral role in Watties to overcome on the competitors around the world. Importance of operation management at operational and organizational level Operation management refers to the methods that company follows to meet its goal and earn profits in the business. Every organization operates in its own form in the business. It has its own strategies, its own plans, its own methods of working. The term operation management can be understood as a type of art and science which follows the path of business through the different elements of business environment which involve sourcing, planning, financing, and distribution. These elements help the company to run the business activities and operations smoothly and easily. Operation management plays a very important role in the organization. The aim of these organizations depends on the profitability and sustainability of the business (Barratt, Choi, Li, 2011) Operation management may be defined as the administration of the business practices to generate the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness within the organization. It is concerned with converting materials and labor into products and services in order to increase and maximize the profit and revenue of the company (Jabbour, De Sousa Jabbour, Govindan, Teixeira, De Souza Freitas). Operation management plays a vital and integral role in order to gain the long-term goals and objectives of the firm. This management is responsible and liable for planning, controlling, coordinating the natural resources which are needed to produce and manufacture the products and services for a company. It plays a significant role at the organizational level as well as operational level. This management also helps to make effective and unique decisions within the organization. OM assists and guides to the senior and top-level management to make effective strategic decisions. They formulate rules, po licies, and strategies to gain long-term competitive advantages around the world (Peng Lai, 2012). OM helps to the management to utilize the available natural resources and to manage the employees under the legal rules and regulations in the organization. The operational management also helps to manage the job design in the global market. Along with this, operation management helps to ensure the logistics and production of all campaigns and programs to run the business activities and operations smoothly. Now it is assumed that operation management helps to achieve and attain the strategic vision and mission of the company. It also helps to make effective and efficient operational strategy to meet the long-term sustainability of the organization (Carter Liane Easton). In Watties Company of New Zealand, the management of operation flows at two levels, firstly, at the operational level as well as organizational level. In the operational level, it takes care of the techniques and methods that should be followed by the company in its operation. They also make sure about the requirements of its stakeholders. This sometimes also leads to conflicting situations between the stakeholders and the company. Operational management involves the tasks of business that an industry or company operates and manages. The company cannot survive its business without effective operation management (Sarkis, Zhu, Lai, 2011). In the organizational level, Watties makes sure about the requirements of the company and the guidance it needs to perform a selected task. At this level company takes care of the organizational activities and the main objective behind this is to increase the cost of production of the products and services within the organization (Brown, Bessant, Lamming, 2013). This helps in meeting the needs of the customers. It also builds and develops trust and loyalty among the consumers around the world. Under organizational level, the company follows two levels of decision, first is a strategic decision which involves the making of a decision in a proper and planned formation. There are certain strategies that are to be followed in the firm which comes under this decision. The second decision which comes under the level of organization is a tactical decision. These decisions are comparatively narrow and short-term in nature. These two decisions intervene in the organizational process. In an o rganization, it becomes necessary to serve the employees and fulfill their requirement to get effective results. Therefore the company looks at all these matters in order to make good profits and revenue for the business (Subramanian Ramanathan, 2012). On the other hand, operation management is responsible for all the other activities that generally relates to the products manufacturing process. The operational level of management has to take care of the manufacturing of goods and services effectively and efficiently. This type of management gathers various components as input process and generate the output. The elements those are included in operational management are planning, organizing, allocating resources etc. operation management can be treated as a profession or as the notice of employment for the people or as a way of solving problems (Peng Lai, 2012) Operational management models The models are the description of the activities that take place in the organization. it is another way of observing the operational activities thorough flowcharts or pictures or diagrams etc. Through these descriptions, it becomes easy for the members of the organization to understand the topic or motive of the organization (Fernie Sparks, 2014). Operational management although show concern on the inputs and outputs of the product that are supplied in the market. Through these models, the company is easily able to maintain its time as it becomes easy for others to understand the matter. The models become a medium for them to convey difficult matters into easy and simple matters. This operational model manages the environment of the business and also helps in avoiding the errors that are made by the employees while performing on any task assigned by the company (Farahani, Hekmatfar, Arabani, Nikbakhsh, 2013). The model above depicts how organization functions which help them in attaining profits. The company puts in the inputs which then after goes through the process of transformation in order to generate outputs in the business (Brandenburg, Govindan, Sarkis, Securing, 2014). Since Watties is a food manufacturing company thus, it transforms its raw material into outputs within the organization. The output has to serve the needs not only of the customers but also of the company. Therefore output in Watties before generating has to go with various phases in an organization (Dekker, Bloemhof, Mallidis, 2012). Now it assumed that operation management model plays a vital role to gain competitive advantages in the global market. Two operational failure of the model A company has to face many failures while forming operation related models. These models guide the members of the company to do particular tasks and works within the organization in order to meet the mission and objectives of the firm. These models serve the needs of the company and carry the profits that company might generate. There is not an easy gain in the market for any company. Hence there are proper parameters to be followed while performing the actions. The two operation failures were seen in the company which has been discussed below (Meredith Shafer, 2009). Organizational design Proper designing should be followed while making and designing the models. The design should be such that it can be easily understandable by the employees and generate good outputs. The model must include the use of flowcharts, lines, arrows and other easy methods to make the model presentable. Use of simple language should be encouraged while making the model (Dekker, Bloemhof, Mallidis, 2012). Hence developing irrelevant organizational design becomes a failure in the case of operational management. It is recommended to have a proper design of the model which represents the task at the operational level (Yinan, Tang, Zhang, 2014). This design becomes a very important tool in deciding what strategies can be planned and what decisions are to be made that can help in fulfilling the needs of the organization.Models made in Watties talks that how a particular product should be manufactured and what quality it must have to fulfill the expectations of the customers. The model provides a brief knowledge about achieving the target by focusing on major areas (Demil Lecocq, 2010). Inadequate knowledge The models are made by the professionals, so it is obvious that it carries a lot of information that relates to the idea very well. But sometimes it happens that the knowledge provided turns out to be inadequate and fails in serving the purpose of the business. The relevant information provided in the business makes the model more effective and it clears all the doubts of the employees working in the organization. Providing inadequate knowledge become the reason for failure in the organization. Hence this becomes a failure in operational management for the organization to achieve its goal and objectives (Hsu Hu, 2009). Watties Company generally provides adequate knowledge and experiences to its employees to understand and evaluate the organizational model hence it creates minimal chances of mistakes and errors. The model is created by the professionals within the organization. The lack of knowledge as sometimes faced in the operation management models. In order to avoid such type of failure, Watties appoints potential and capable employees to do work effectively and efficiently. It will also help to attain long-term goals and targets of the company (Ivanov, Sokolov, Kaeschel). The other professional failures seen at the time of operating the managerial aspects are production failures and service failures. Production failures refer to the manufacturing of products, cost of production of the products and its managing and other functions. The two failures are discussed more properly below (Jabbour, De Sousa Jabbour, Govindan, Teixeira, De Souza Freitas). Production failure Production failure means the errors made by the organizational employees while transforming the materials into its ultimate output. The failure leads to improper functioning of the business and dissatisfying customer which results in a loss for the company. The production failure is one of the biggest key issues for the employees. In such case leadership of the business stands on the top. Leaders of the organization are expected to build the culture of the firm in such a way that the chances of production failure are reduced. Leadership guides and manages subordinates for performing the task effectively. They can teach the employees to work in an appropriate and suitable manner. The lack of availability of the product or malfunctioning of the product can lead the company towards a great loss for the company and it can also harm its reputation and goodwill. So it becomes important for them to look after such things (Chalmers Glasziou, 2009).Watties Company cannot afford to fail in pr oduction as it has chances of being shut down in the market as the products supplied can harm the health of people. To avoid and reduce such failures, they have to be more attentive while preparing the food products. In this way, the company can overcome its key challenges and risks globally (Securing, 2013) . Service failure Service failure means when the company is unable to fulfill the demand of the customers. The services provided by the employees sometimes are not addressed to the society which creates conflict between both of them. Service failure can also result in lack of opportunities given to the employees which give rise to such failures. The food supplied by Watties Company to its customers sometimes gives a chance to the customers to raise questions about the company. In such situations dealing with customers becomes difficult and complex. Service failure for the company can be dangerous (Jabbour, De Sousa Jabbour, Govindan, Teixeira, De Souza Freitas). It can lead them towards the path of success and also can take away their path. Thus, in order to avoid such failure, they have to be answerable to the customer for whatever services they serve them. The management of service focuses on two different dimensions in the company. The dimension relating to production management which can be under stood with technical or dimension of outcome and the other is a service management related dimension which can be termed as functional or dimension related to processing (Osborne, Radnor, Nasi, 2013). The cause of service failure in Watties is seen through the customers. Customers play a very important role in service management. The service given to the customers in terms of food has to be good else there might be chances of loss in the company (Andronikidis, Georgiou, Gotzamani, Kamvysi, 2009) Recommendations to overcome on these failures To run the organization it becomes very necessary for the organization to avoid the failures. It also helps to carry the business operations and activities smoothly. Running a business on a large level is not easy; it is very complex and difficult task. The company faces many problems, difficulties within the organization. Thus, watties has to deal with various obstacles to achieve its target and goals. It becomes very important for them to overcome these failures. There are different ways discussed to overcome such failures. Watties Company of New Zealand is a large firm, therefore, it is clear that it faces various difficulties in doing its business. The failures of production and services related are seen in large number in the firm. Since the company runs on a large scale it consists of many such professional employees who are indulged in making good decisions for the companys welfare that it is able to manage such failures effectively and efficiently (Aguinis, Gottfredson, Wrig ht, 2011) To overcome such failures it is recommended to plan proper strategies in the business. Proper decision making helps the company to achieve its goal with comparatively lesser difficulties. Recovery from these failures is something that is very important and beneficial for the company. Also to overcome such failures it is recommended that company can appoint new employees in the organization who are able to perform in a professional manner. Another way of recovering from the failures is the amount of experience an employee carries that he is able to convince the customer to buy the product. The service failure becomes the reason for the dissatisfaction of the customers. Therefore it is important to have the power of convincing others. The more the convincing power the lesser will be the chances of losing opportunities. The risk of such failures can lead to a great loss for the firm. Therefore it becomes important for them to manage the work of the organization in an effective and effic ient way (Craighead, Ketchen, Dunn, Hult, 2011). In Watties, the same task is distributed to a number of employees. This is done to raise as many questions as possible in order to avoid any kind of discrepancy among customers. Although this gives a great result as the company gets a chance to resolve all those aspects that might lead to a loss for the company. Further, effective rules and policies must be implemented by the company to overcome these issues and challenges. Watties take the major step to avoid the failure in production or in the service sector. This keeps the employees interested and motivated in their work (Jabbour, De Sousa Jabbour, Govindan, Teixeira, De Souza Freitas). Along with this, the company must use effective and dynamic promotional and advertisements strategies to increase the demand of the food products around the world. Further, growth strategies and corporate level strategies should be used by the company. In this way, the company can maintain sustainability in the organization as well as environment. It will also help to reduce the negative impact of the market (Aguinis, Gottfredson, Wright, 2011). In addition, Watties should focus on the production department as well as operation department. It helps to know and evaluate the strategies, plans and policies of the competitors around the world (Andronikidis, Georgiou, Gotzamani, Kamvysi, 2009). Conclusion On the above discussion, it has been concluded that operation management plays a vital and integral role in Watties. Operation management is the part of the company to manage and control the activities and operations of the company. The model of the operation management is unique and effective to overcome on the competitors around the world. Along with this, service issues, production issues and operation issues should be controlled and managed by the company to gain long-term advantages in the market. The firm should make effective and dynamic strategies to attain long-term goals and objectives of the firm in the competitive environment across the world. 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